Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good and Bad games

Hey guys, chaingangs30 here and This is a positive/negative post.

Many people have been telling me i have been hacking my gamerscore, i have not, i don't even have that much, currently i have about 14500 but that means i play a lot of campaign and stuff to earn them. The truth is i go for them because its fun!
Ever earn all gamerscore in a game? Well there is a quick and easy way to do it.
Good game for your gamerscore- Avatar the last airbender takes 2 minutes---literally! for all 1000 gamerscore (which is only 5 acheivements.)The 3 achievements are get a 10 hit combo a 20 hit combo a 30 hit combo a 40 hit combo and a 50 hit combo, which you can get within 2 minutes in the tutorial. There you go! an easy 1000 gamerscore within 2 minutes!
Bad Game(game to avoid that are hard to get gamerscore from.) The game i found very hard to get gamerscore from is street fighter 4 i managed to get a few acheivements from it but the game is insanely hard to get the acheivements from unless you are really good at the game.

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