Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good and Bad games

Hey guys, chaingangs30 here and This is a positive/negative post.

Many people have been telling me i have been hacking my gamerscore, i have not, i don't even have that much, currently i have about 14500 but that means i play a lot of campaign and stuff to earn them. The truth is i go for them because its fun!
Ever earn all gamerscore in a game? Well there is a quick and easy way to do it.
Good game for your gamerscore- Avatar the last airbender takes 2 minutes---literally! for all 1000 gamerscore (which is only 5 acheivements.)The 3 achievements are get a 10 hit combo a 20 hit combo a 30 hit combo a 40 hit combo and a 50 hit combo, which you can get within 2 minutes in the tutorial. There you go! an easy 1000 gamerscore within 2 minutes!
Bad Game(game to avoid that are hard to get gamerscore from.) The game i found very hard to get gamerscore from is street fighter 4 i managed to get a few acheivements from it but the game is insanely hard to get the acheivements from unless you are really good at the game.

First day of blogging

Hey guys! Chaingangs30 here and I will be showing you how to gain the holy grail of the xbox 360, acheivements!!
On this blog i will be showing 1 good game for gaining acheivements and one bad game for each post to help gamers increase their gamerscore. So follow this blog and you will have plenty of gamerscore in no time!!